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Watermark H2O

Located in Santa Cruz serving all of California

(408) 690-7581

Quality Products from Start to Finish

Water is one of our most precious resources. So when it comes to managing this precious resource, you will need a system that's durable, reliable and constructed to meet your specific needs.

Excellence, Attention to Detail

From our knowledgeable team of craftsmen and expert design engineers and our outstanding customer service team, every WaterMark H2o water system and tank installation is custom built to the highest industry standards and assembled on site at your location.

Quality Water Storage

Our tanks are frequently used as a primary component in storm water management or Rainwater colection systems, Municipal Water Storage and Fire Protection water storage in rural areas where large quantities of water are not readily available in most cases.


Collected water can be filtered and reused in both indoor and outdoor applications to help offset potable water usage or be a controlled release back into storm water systems. The reuse of captured water can provide a long term advantage in infrastructure costs as well as provide a visible statement of support for sustainability initiatives for Green Building practices.

Zero Runoff

Many areas across the country are enforcing zero runoff policies within new developments and tanks are an economical and more attractive alternative than the traditional bug infested retention ponds or swales which require large areas of valuable real estate.

Rainwater Harvesting & Storage

Rainwater harvesting is a rapidly growing alternative to traditional water supplies. Typically collected from a roof top, the water is diverted into storage tanks where it is reused for a number of different purposes.

Most rainwater harvesting systems include a variety of pre-filtration and post-filtration components for water going into and out of the water storage tank. Numerous studies have shown that for one inch of rainfall on a 1,000 square foot catchment area you can expect to collect approximately 600 gallons of water! Some states do limit or restrict the amount of rainwater that can be captured due to interference with water rights but in California this is not the case.

These two pictures are poly tanks that have burned down in the fire. we want to say : be prepared this fire season and get one of our steel water tanks that can stand up to fires a lot better than these poly (Polyethylene) tanks