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Located in Santa Cruz serving all of California

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Fire Protection Tanks

The idea of having to encounter an experience with fire in one’s life is a frightening thought. Catastrophic fires know no place and time. They occur without any warning. And sometimes, the spread is so fast, giving people a highly reduced time to react and signal for help.

Enter Watermark H2O. We are a recognized business providing fire protection tanks for residential and commercial properties. Our water tanks are used to give or supplement a stable supply of water to installed fire hydrants, sprinklers, standpipes and suppression systems. We offer solutions to facilities, establishments and properties that do not have a sufficient water supply.

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Our Fire Protection Tanks Save You Money

When you work with Watermark H2O for a fire protection tank, you are, in turn, speeding up your response time to any type of fire that may occur in your facility. When you are a proactive business, investing in such a tank for your establishment is wise rather than spending copious amounts of cash later to salvage the damage caused by the fire. Not to mention the fines for violating regulations you must fork out money for.

Our fire protection tanks are popular in almost every industry since they provide the perfect solution for preventing fire disasters and enabling fast recovery.

Why Choose Us

Our fire protection tanks have countless benefits for a multitude of warehouses, industries and municipalities. When you recruit us, you will be leveraging advantages like:

  • Weather-proof: Our tanks are strong and stable and can carry water across the seasons no matter the weather. Our bolted steel plates and welded steel tanks are resistant to corrosion caused by environmental factors
  • Convenient assimilation: Our fire protection tanks are constructed so they can be easily assimilated with a built fire protection system, thus making them a dependable strategy.
  • Emergency preparation: Disastrous fires can occur at any time without warning. Depending on the time of day and your location, getting a firefighting team to your premises before the catastrophe spreads is not a reliable tactic. Our fire protection tank that is installed and ready to use can save your facility and coworkers.

Superior Fire Protection Tank Installation

Our qualified team of technicians is well-versed in fire protection tank installation. Our entire staff of professionals has been rigorously trained by Watermark H2O to perform seamless installations on your property so you can achieve peace of mind.

Installing our water tanks doesn’t require heavy machinery, and your site requires minimal preparation done ahead of time. We build our fire protection tanks with a state-of-the-art jacking system, keeping our installation process extremely efficient

Contact Watermark H2O for Your Fire Protection Tank Needs

Don’t wait for a fire to break out in your property before you realize you don’t have adequate resources implemented to combat such a situation. Contact us at (408) 690-7581 to get started on a proactive strategy!